Thursday, November 3, 2011

Steve's Prince of Steaks

The History

Steve's Prince of Steaks was founded by Steven lliescu in 1980.  His first shop opened up on the corner of Bustleton and St. Vincent streets in Northeast Philadelphia.  In 1992 Steve's Prince of Steaks was voted "Best Cheesesteak" by Philadelphia Magazine.  On November 27th 1998, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to make the "Worlds Largest Cheesesteak", for the Guinness Book of World Records.  

After years of producing his product, Steve decided to expand by opening up another store.  In 1999, "The Prince" opened his second location, Steve's Comly, at Comly Road and the Roosevelt Blvd.  In 2006, The Food Network aired a show called the Hungry Detective.  During the show Steve's Prince of steaks was highlighted as the best kept secret in Philadelphia cheesesteaks.

As time went on, so did the demand for Philadelphia cheestesteaks outside the city limits.   Steve was able to meet the demands of his loyal subjects by opening yet another store, this time outside the city limits.  The third location, Steve's Langhorne, located at 1617 E. Lincoln Highway, opened in 2006.

The "Steak"

My cheesesteak travels took me to Steve's Prince of Steaks.  I chose to go to their Langhorne location, just because of the convenience, only about a mile away from my current residence in Bucks County.  I have grown up eating Steve's Prince of Steaks, and so have most Northeast Philadelphia residents.  The steak is served on a long kaiser roll, but don't let the roll deceive you, because there is hardly any meat.  Steve's cook their meet in slabs about 3-4 inches across, and put about six total pieces on your roll.  The regular steak is $6.00, for cheese it is an additional 96¢.  I find myself ordering the "Double-Meat" steak with cheese each time I visit Steve's.  The double-meat with cheese is a costly $9.67, but in order to fill your 
appetite, it's well worth it.  

Steve's continues to get awards for the Best Cheesesteak in Philadelphia, but I believe that is mainly because it is the most popular, and most convenient.  Yes everyone thinks about Pats & Geno's steaks when they hear of Philadelphia Cheesesteaks, but people don't have the convenience of going to these "tourist attractions" because of their location.  Steve's Prince of Steaks has three locations, two located in the vast Northeast of Philadelphia, and one located in Upper Bucks County.  Steve's in my book may not have the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, but they definitely have the best marketing plan, by spreading out their locations, the convenience of Steve's, make it an easy choice!  

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